After graduating with a degree in architectural engineering at the University of the Arts in Berlin, I pursued graduate studies in Production Design at the University for Film and Television in Potsdam Babelsberg. My graduate thesis film "Kleingeld" ("Small Change") won the Student Oscar in 2000 and received an Academy Award Nomination (Short Film Live Action).

My education as an engineer and designer and my passion for filmmaking give me the skills to develop and realize my visions even under the most challenging circumstances. During my career thus far, I have had the opportunity to create several very ambitious designs: a burning “Dresden” in World War II, the drowned City of Hamburg in the 1960s and ancient Thebes in Egypt. Some of the props I have designed include a full-sized tree mast sailing ship from the 18th century as well as a World War II Lancaster Bomber. While historical film designs have been my greatest inspiration, I also thoroughly enjoy bringing the intense ambience of a contemporary drama to life. My extensive experience working with digital set extensions, light design and post-production tools has proven very useful in the realization of my various projects and has helped enhance their value.

I have worked in Europe, the UK, USA and Asia, and my features, TV movies and commercials have won numerous awards. For the TV Movie “Dresden” I received a nomination for Outstanding Production Design in 2006.