Thomas Stammer Production Designer

Thomas Stammer

Production Designer

Production Design by Thomas Stammer

A passion for creating narrative worlds...

A passion for creating narrative worlds.

A dystopian vision of a militaristic future

Director: Christian Pasquerillo
Science Fiction: S.U.M.1

The true story of the Hitler assassin in fascist Germany in the 1930s

Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Historical Drama: 13 Minutes

A forensic scavenger hunt.

Director: Christian Alvart
Thriller: Cut Off

A Mix-up comedy in East Berlin 1989

Director: Franziska Meletzky

The fate of five friends from the eve of the war to its very end.

Director: Philipp Kadelbach

The hunt for the soul collector.

Director: Hansjörg Thurn
Middle Age Fantasy: ISENHART

Is it possible to bottle up the meaning of life?

Director: Leander Haussmann
Historical Comedy: Herr Lehmann

A young woman makes a disguised pilgrimage to Spain.

Director: Philipp Kadelbach
Medieval Adventure: THE PILGRIM

They fight. They love. They go crazy.

Director: Simon Verhoeven
Berlin Comedy: Man in the City.
The Hispaniola, three mast sailing ship

Ocean-going, mockup of a 18the century ship built and shot in Thailand and England.

The Hispaniola, three mast sailing ship
A movie ship build for the ocean

The Hispaniola was 40 meters long, weighed 38 tons and as a special feature it could be tilted 45 degrees to simulate a storm sequence in open water.

Firestorm in Dresden, 1945

An extremely fireproof scenery was necessary for the nightly shooting in the burning city.

Treasure Island

The Hispaniola

Treasure Island


Barbarian (2018/19)

Cut Off / Abgeschnitten (2017)

Forwards Forever! / Vorwärts immer! (2016)

S.U.M.1 (2015)

13 Minutes / Elser (2014)

The Pilgrim / Die Pilgerin (2013)

Heros / Helden (2012)

Generation War / Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter (2012)

Isenhart (2010)

Men In The City / Männerherzen (2008)

Treasure Island / Schatzinsel (2007)

Dresden (2006)

Storm Tide / Sturmflut (2005)

Herr Lehmann (2003)

Führer EX (2002)

Small Change / Kleingeld (2000)