Thomas Stammer Production Designer

Thomas Stammer

Production Designer


Bild von Thomas Stammer mit Lederjacke

Following his graduation in architecture from the University of the Art Institute of Berlin, Thomas Stammer specialized in Production Design with an additional diploma at the University for Film and Television in Potsdam Babelsberg. He started his career winning the Student OSCAR and with an OSCAR nomination – Short Film Live Action – with his final diploma film.

Thomas Stammer creates most unconventional designs – he got the skills to develop and the passion to realize his vision even within the biggest and the toughest budgets. He is equally inspired creating a burning “Dresden” in World War II or the drowned City of Hamburg in the sixties, as he is exited to bring the intense ambience of a contemporary drama to life.  He is able to build a tree mast sailing ship of the 18th century as well as to assemble a World War II Lancaster bomber. Very useful is his special experience extending the value of his design working by visual effects and post-production means.

Thomas worked in Europe, UK, USA and Asia – his features, TV movies and commercials are multi awarded and he received various honors for outstanding Production Design. His TV Movie Dresden is the most successful TV feature since the beginning of the capture of the numbers of spectators on the German television, the series Generation War won the international EMMY award.

Thomas got the Award of ‚Villa Aurora‘ , Foundation for European American Relations, L.A.